frida & margot

i designed two birth announcements, for two adorable little girls.

Frida’s mom and dad are fond of little rabbits with funny ears.
For the ‘thank you’ note, they even made a photo of Frida, wearing a warm hat with ears herself. I loved the whole concept.

For Margot (who’s also my sweet godchild) i practiced drawing origami cranes. a lot of cranes. it wasn’t easy to get the color right, but i’m satisfied with the result (and fortunately, the parents too).

frida_voorblog_voorkant frida_voorblog

MARGOT kaartje voor druk MARGOT kaartje voor druk2


a coffee menu

i like a good cup of coffee with my sketches.
after work (before returning home by train) i sometimes go sketching a while in the cosy coffee bar De Familie Jansen.
you can imagine i was really happy when they asked me to draw their new menu.
i sketched hundreds of coffee cups with milk, without milk, with honey, lavender,…
it was a really nice job.

menu hugmenu 1  menu 2  menu 4menu 3

an important wedding

a good friend got married last weekend.
such a pity we couldn’t be there, but
i’m happy i could draw their wedding invitation.
the print examples arrived by mail today, hurray.

congratulations lucie & petr!!!

1020 lucia





cranes pt. 2

the finished crane illustration…
Jint illustratie 3
i first had to try out some sketches, to come to the final result.
i prefer my first sketch (with the two birds).


JINT illustratie JINT illustratie 2


the illustration is made for an interesting organization called JINT,
they support international exchanges for young people and youth organizations.
My illustration is used in an invitation for an inspirational day
for people who are interested in those international exchanges,
there are workshops, talks and projects that present themselves.


JINT uitnodiging


lisa !

i became an aunt this weekend!
Lisa is already the coolest baby in the world. and a little doll.
here is the birth announcement i designed:


big thirty party

This weekend, my boyfriend celebrated his big birthday in style. 
with a great party and a lot of family and friends. 

i made this invitation

… became very fond of drawing a kind of ‘party animal’…
… so i drew one on the portal of the (party) barn, to indicate where the party was.
i like making this big drawings! 
(especially of one of the subjects i’m fond of – and used – to draw) 



What i’m doing lately..

i’m working on some illustrations for Oiterpe (a dance and gymnastics club/school). 
in a few weeks, i’ll be doing some live illustrations during their annual dance show.
i’m excited about the ‘live’-aspect. 
they have some requests, so i’m forced to draw draw draw (which isn’t bad).
15 illustrations, a poster, a bookmark and some postcards. 
maybe a reason why it’s silent on the blogside :).

I finished the poster, working on the other stuff.


Postcard for the holy days

Yesterday, i finally completed a postcard for the upcoming holidays / winter days / christmas days.
it took me a while, i’m surprised by my own patience to draw again and again and again the same mittens. This is the result..

I doubted a while about the size, i think it actually was perfect size 120×120 (square)… But it’s much more expensive for mail (you need special envelopes), so i kept the regular postcard-format. 
Do you think it’s good to take this into account? 

The cards are in print now
(and for those interested, available from saturday!)

prince of Denmark.

to show you that i didn’t disappear
(and i know it’s been over a month since my last blog post…)
here’s something i’ve been working on.
apart from this, it’s been very quiet on the make/draw/design-side.
(i spent my time with a lot of work, drawing classes, and staring at a screen during the Ghent Film Fest).

but yesterday, i opened a new sketchbook
and a christmas/holiday/new year-card is becoming alive in my head.
more news next week, i hope.

so, this is a flyer for the long expected concert of my boyfriends band.
welcome 🙂


ijverige ooievaars (pt. 2)

July was a babyboom-month. Before Jinte there was Hannah (and Idris, can’t wait to visit him).
All this cute babies, curious to see them change in the next months!





ijverige ooievaars / busy storks (pt. 1)

I’ve been making some birth announcements lately.
This one i made for a very cute baby girl, Jinte.


i’m happy about the 2 postcards i designed last week
(let me know if you want some..!)

i’m so busy making cards & birth announcement cards, i almost forgot my mini-list.
BUT hooray, there are some new ideas rising in my head..
maybe this will force me to post more on this blog (i have some impatient friend/readers :)).

NEW top 5 of crafty things to make:
– make a crochet toy (pear or apple)
– try to find a way to silk-screen at home (ideas welcome!!!)
– still have to try a kind of TEXTILE illustration with my sewing machine<
– and also the paper COLLAGE is on the list. could be nice on the new white wall in our apartment..
– invent some new LETTERS for the header of this blog

Poespapier !

what happened:
I started blogging for a design project, and took a lot of challenges: 50 hoorays in 150 days.
although i didn’t completed every task on this 150-days-challenge-list, 
the project finished last year. and so did the blog.  

However: i loved making it and had so much fun blogging, 
i drew, photographed, painted, cutted & pasted more than i ever did before.
acquired a taste for it, so i had to continue. And here it is, PAPIERPOES (paper cat)!

This time, there is no big list i have to complete in time 

(some people will be thankful for that :))

but as i’m a list-addict, i’ll use for this blog also a ‘wish list‘.

i made a list of five things i want to try out, paint, draw,…
As soon as i tried something of the list, i’ll add a new thing. 
(suggestions welcome!)

i start with this mini-list!

1. draw a beautiful TAPIR
2. make a little TEXTILE illustration with my sewing machine
3. try out a paper COLLAGE 
4. make a painting of BARE LEGS
5. invent some new LETTERS for the header of this blog 

See you soon!