last week, i turned 30.
i don’t mind the ‘big 30’, i was just happy to celebrate a birthday again.
my birthday is always quite important, i want to do all the things i like and have lots of surprises.
(i expect always just a bit too much, so planning my birthday is not so easy for my boyfriend and others.)
it was a wonderful birthday! with food, sun, sauna and portuguese beer. mm.

to celebrate with my friends, i wanted to host a pie-party again (see here for the one of last year).
we did it in pick nick-style, and it was really nice. so nice that i even forgot to take pictures.
so i just can show the invitation i sent.

a little sketch…
0830 birthday










turned into this photo collage
(photo of an idyllic rock beach in Sweden where we stayed last year)
uitnodiging ok


the cake party

last week, it was my birthday. (i like to remember it for some weeks :))
a good occasion for some cakes, i thought.
so i sent this invitation to my friends:


I spent some hours (or more like half a week-end) in the kitchen,
with my friends flour, sugar, chocolate and butter (mostly)
and with some stress moments 
(like this one below – happened several times.).
But i have to say: I LOVE BAKING CAKES.
close-up of the best (and easy-to-bake) cookies in the world (i found the recipe here).
the chocolate cake is even more peanuts, i found the recipe here.

Needless to say, it was a tasty sunday worthy party.


A present for little Aaron

it started yesterday, the need to crochet…
and it ended today, with a colorful garland as a gift for the cute little Aaron.

So easy to make (with only double crochet = stokjes), 
and the best part is: even if it’s not perfect, it still looks festive! 

leve mijn mede-hakers Kim & Lies!!



hooray for today!

30 january 2013,
the day with the absolutely perfect weather.

and apart from this:

i draw a really nice tapir. i’m really happy with this pet :

0130 tapir mooi

Poespapier !

what happened:
I started blogging for a design project, and took a lot of challenges: 50 hoorays in 150 days.
although i didn’t completed every task on this 150-days-challenge-list, 
the project finished last year. and so did the blog.  

However: i loved making it and had so much fun blogging, 
i drew, photographed, painted, cutted & pasted more than i ever did before.
acquired a taste for it, so i had to continue. And here it is, PAPIERPOES (paper cat)!

This time, there is no big list i have to complete in time 

(some people will be thankful for that :))

but as i’m a list-addict, i’ll use for this blog also a ‘wish list‘.

i made a list of five things i want to try out, paint, draw,…
As soon as i tried something of the list, i’ll add a new thing. 
(suggestions welcome!)

i start with this mini-list!

1. draw a beautiful TAPIR
2. make a little TEXTILE illustration with my sewing machine
3. try out a paper COLLAGE 
4. make a painting of BARE LEGS
5. invent some new LETTERS for the header of this blog 

See you soon!