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this year, we’ll have our home in a suitcase, travelling trough Norway.
a new adventure, new drawings,
so i felt that the time was right for a new home for my blog, too.
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free fridays

friday is our day off
but strangely enough the weather doesn’t cooperate with us.
sunny thursdays and saturdays, rainy fridays with dark clouds.
lots of movies and chocolate, but not ideal to make a bike trip to Trondheim (which we really want to do). so fingers crossed for next week…


Highlights of week 3

On Sunday it was Nasjonaldag (national Norwegian day),
we went to trondheim and watched the parade, gazed at all the wonderful traditional regional clothes and ate pølser, waffles and pancakes.
I spent a lot of my time outside, doing various nice jobs – from cleaning the chicken shed (i love to observe them, and i love the running ducks) to giving nearly-dead-plants a second life. And after some sad first efforts (more of a stone than a bread), i succeeded in baking two real breads. Hurra hurra hurra!


Life at the farm – week 2!

I’m loving being at the farm,
checking the chicken shed for eggs several times a day (reminds me of easter),
taking the horses for a walk,
waiting for warm eggs to crack
and wearing dirty muddy working clothes all day.

Last week, our host farmers bought a beautiful green boat. Koen helped repairing the motor and we went boating on Sunday! There will be a lot of fish on the menu.


Walking Ludo

Ludo the pony needs to lose some kilos
so from this week on, we will take him for a daily walk.
– quite a challenge sometimes, walking with a stubborn pony –



a long nordic winter

at least once a day my mind is traveling to norway. I’m fantasizing about dark winters with hot cups of tea reading in a rocking chair, wearing woolen socks spending weekends in a wooden cabin and having walks in the woods. i’m curious about the dark and long winter we’ll have. and about how much it will differ from my daydreams. 0225 rustig meisje

a coffee menu

i like a good cup of coffee with my sketches.
after work (before returning home by train) i sometimes go sketching a while in the cosy coffee bar De Familie Jansen.
you can imagine i was really happy when they asked me to draw their new menu.
i sketched hundreds of coffee cups with milk, without milk, with honey, lavender,…
it was a really nice job.

menu hugmenu 1  menu 2  menu 4menu 3


it’s been too quiet here, so here are some quick photos
to illustrate that these days are productive and chaotic.

because I’m having a little expo in a great coffee bar in Ostend from the 11th of January,
i’m drawing as much as i can,
experimenting with different techniques and putting old ideas into drawings.
i’m excited!
More info & pictures are coming soon.

  IMG_1978  IMG_1979


in addition to my concrete drawings (often in function of an assignment),
i’m exploring different ways of drawing, trying techniques
and looking at structure & texture of things.
i’m not satisfied with just drawing a nice tapir any more, i think :).

and although this search doesn’t often result in nice illustrations,
i’d like to post it anyway.
the last few days i made some mountain monotypes,
not there yet.

1029 berg 3

1029 berg 2

1029 berg