flere kopper

i have some difficulties with the norwegian nouns.

mostly with the difference between the definite/indefinite articles, and the singular/plural.
to give you an example why it’s confusing, i’ll use ‘CUP’:
en kopp (a cup)
koppen (the cup)
kopper (cups)
koppene (the cups).

a little drawing can be a little help.
but when drawing, i was doubting again between the ‘n’ and the ‘r’ 🙂
Anyway, norwegian is still cool.
1029 flere kopper


mandag norsk-dag

we’re back on track with our online norwegian course.
mondays are sacred learning days,
and the train ride home is perfect for some review lessons.
(and for drawing)

1013 bus

1013 lunsj

1013 potet

combed hair

0918 wijngaard





























  • spelling correction: vineyards are like mountains with combed hair *


do you prefer mountains or sea?
if i HAVE to choose, the answer was clear for me:
i love the sea, it calms me and is fascinating. and you can swim in it.

but after seeing a lot of different mountains the last few weeks, i’m not so sure anymore.
mountains are not only great to look at of hike in, they’re mostly fascinating to draw.
so i’m looking forward to our norway adventure: i’ll make time for some real mountain sketching.
i’ll maybe even make an illustrated study about one specific mountain. who knows.

here’s a quick mountain sketch. 0918 mountain 1


we started our holiday with a road trip belgium > slovenia.
first, we decided to avoid highways and to drive only on roads with beautiful sceneries.
but two days passed… and we only just crossed Germany.
if we wanted to have some holidays in slovenia, we needed to hurry just a bit.

so we took the highway – which, in austria, has great sceneries too.
even in rainy and grey weather they’re impressive.
it was a great road trip through the Alps

0918 alps

no travel sketchbook

i just returned from a two week holiday in slovenia (and a bit of italy, austria and germany).
with my sketchbook and a lot of pencils (and my boyfriend and our tent).
i didn’t manage to hold a travel diary with sketches, but still returned with a full sketchbook (it was just a thin one).
for the next days, i will post some of them here!

i  realized once again that it’s not that easy to draw on holidays.
there is plenty of time, but there’s also a lot to see and do, there are many places to walk to and mountains to climb.
so i didn’t take a few hours a day to sit down, observe and draw my travel journal.
but instead, i sat down, had conversations and drank coffees and wine, looked around. and when my fingers started itching and i couldn’t hold my enthusiasm, i tried to capture some of this beautiful mountains in my sketchbook.
on this subject, i found this blog post very recognizable (Anna Denise writes a blog i find really inspiring).

on the first day, the idea of a travel journal was still alive.
the first morning felt like this:

0918 pool


slow learning

the norwegian language course (a web course, on your own speed) is going slow.
i keep repeating the words from the first lessons (as ‘hyggelig’, ‘selvfolgelig’,..) but the new words don’t stick.
after the holidays, we need a fixed date with the norwegian language.
and during the holidays, we’ll take a language course with us in the car.
so on the road to slovenia, we’ll try to have some norwegian conversations :).

0830 hyggelig

5 last random travel sketches

the holiday already seems ages ago,
but posting sketches kept me in a traveling-mood. 
mm.. sweden, norway, copenhagen. mm.. motorcycle and little tent. mmmmmm. kanelbullar.
however, i’ve had quite enough of posting only this travel sketches.
So next week(s)
i’ll start to make stamps (for janne’s project) 
and learn to crochet properly.

For now, some last random sketches to finish!
saw a big jellyfish really close
at the aquarium in Lysekil (havets hus)


* in Norway, sheeps are everywhere.
even in the highest mountains, where i’ve no idea how they survive.
norwegian speciality!
and they have the same shape as the waffles my mom used to bake.
i was fond of the ‘waffle thursday’-promotion we found in a gas station. with strawberry sauce!

* bad weather day


me, spotting animals

we often drove through regions with a big bear population
so i always was very focused,
kept my eyes wide open
and try to spot bears and other interesting wildlife (moose? reindeer? you never know…).
unfortunately, the only bears i spotted were at the (really cool) Gronklitt BJORN PARK 
i sometimes guessed it could be a bear. but it also could be a strangely shaped wooden thing…

Bohuslän + Skåneland (the idyllic southwest coast of Sweden)

after norway, we went back to sweden and travelled through the southwest. 
green hills, some sheep/cows, a little forest here and there
and behind this all, the sea.
(i love the sea)

such a beautiful coast, with postcard-villages
and amazing boats.
in the last sketch, i tried to draw some little boats and a ferry.
need a lot more practice.
a day in the port of G(h)ent, sitting in the sun
and drawing a bit sounds like a good plan…







First man i saw in Norway

After two weeks, we crossed the Swedish border en started our Norway-discovery. 
Really strange how this country border also seems a border between different sceneries.
From calm lakes, green hills and fir woods to the wild nature of Norway: 
high mountains, wild waterfalls, and men fishing in stormy rivers in the pouring rain. 
On the sketch it seems more idyllic, it looked much more dangerous than this. I need some practice in how to stop making things seem cute and nice in my sketches..)
* Our little travel itinerary part 1: Stockholm / Västerås / Gävle / Falun / Mora – Orsa / Leksand / Östersund