it’s been too quiet here, so here are some quick photos
to illustrate that these days are productive and chaotic.

because I’m having a little expo in a great coffee bar in Ostend from the 11th of January,
i’m drawing as much as i can,
experimenting with different techniques and putting old ideas into drawings.
i’m excited!
More info & pictures are coming soon.

  IMG_1978  IMG_1979



in addition to my concrete drawings (often in function of an assignment),
i’m exploring different ways of drawing, trying techniques
and looking at structure & texture of things.
i’m not satisfied with just drawing a nice tapir any more, i think :).

and although this search doesn’t often result in nice illustrations,
i’d like to post it anyway.
the last few days i made some mountain monotypes,
not there yet.

1029 berg 3

1029 berg 2

1029 berg