it’s been too quiet here, so here are some quick photos
to illustrate that these days are productive and chaotic.

because I’m having a little expo in a great coffee bar in Ostend from the 11th of January,
i’m drawing as much as i can,
experimenting with different techniques and putting old ideas into drawings.
i’m excited!
More info & pictures are coming soon.

  IMG_1978  IMG_1979


flere kopper

i have some difficulties with the norwegian nouns.

mostly with the difference between the definite/indefinite articles, and the singular/plural.
to give you an example why it’s confusing, i’ll use ‘CUP’:
en kopp (a cup)
koppen (the cup)
kopper (cups)
koppene (the cups).

a little drawing can be a little help.
but when drawing, i was doubting again between the ‘n’ and the ‘r’ 🙂
Anyway, norwegian is still cool.
1029 flere kopper