Farmlife – week 1



villa kakelbont

0229 villa kakelbont

a coffee menu

i like a good cup of coffee with my sketches.
after work (before returning home by train) i sometimes go sketching a while in the cosy coffee bar De Familie Jansen.
you can imagine i was really happy when they asked me to draw their new menu.
i sketched hundreds of coffee cups with milk, without milk, with honey, lavender,…
it was a really nice job.

menu hugmenu 1  menu 2  menu 4menu 3

flere kopper

i have some difficulties with the norwegian nouns.

mostly with the difference between the definite/indefinite articles, and the singular/plural.
to give you an example why it’s confusing, i’ll use ‘CUP’:
en kopp (a cup)
koppen (the cup)
kopper (cups)
koppene (the cups).

a little drawing can be a little help.
but when drawing, i was doubting again between the ‘n’ and the ‘r’ 🙂
Anyway, norwegian is still cool.
1029 flere kopper

combed hair

0918 wijngaard





























  • spelling correction: vineyards are like mountains with combed hair *